Liquid Screed

Topflow Screed A

This is a popular floor screed, especially when it comes to underfloor heating or time is tight. This flooring solution is both fast and flexible and provides a high-quality surface finish which ordinary san cement screed simply doesn't deliver, both on the speed or the versatility. Topflow Screed A from Tarmac is a perfect alternative that ticks all the right boxes.

screed A made with a unique synthetic anhydrite binder in place of cement is pump applied due to its fluid consistency. This means that it is easier to lay covering areas of up to 2000m2 in a day. it is thinner than conventional screeds making it the natural choice for underfloor heating systems.

Topflow Screed C

This Screed is a fast drying flow screed, Topflow Screed C Belitex is a pump applied free flowing cement based screed suitable formost applications including underfloor heating and wet environments. Topflow screed massively reducing drying times within 14-21 days versus of minimum of 40-75 with other traditional or flowing screed products and it's ready for foot traffic after 24-48 hour. And there's no need for force drying.

Topflow Screed C Belitex Benefits

  • More conductive than sand cement screed and is self-curing and selfcompacting
  • Thinner than competing sand cement systems without detriment to its performance, so any underfloor heating pipes are closer to the surface (nominal cover to pipes 30mm)
  • No need for force drying as the product is ready to receive floor coverings within 14 to 21 days dependant on environment.
  • It can be laid as a floating construction over most types of rigid insulation board or acoustic matting at a minimum thickness of 40mm
  • It offers significant programme benefits, as areas of up to 120m2 can easily be installed and finished per hour
  • Its very low shrinkage values mean you require less construction joints than cement based screeds
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